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two sources?

  • basst82 by basst82

    So there's either really two sources here, one which is #doublelobe and #diffuse (SDSS J121733.18+255429.6), and the other perhaps a #compact (SDSS J121734.90+255345.9). But, the first source is along what appears to be a very straight line, which might just be an #artefact in radio (did I spell that right?). The four IR sources along this all show up in such a straight line in SDSS as well, but the radio is very weak in FIRST. I'm lost 😃


  • enno.middelberg by enno.middelberg scientist, translator

    It could also be three sources (just to complete the confusion). I think we don't need to argue about the lower left source - it sits squarely on an IR counterpart. Both the other components have IR counterparts, too, which might argue for them being separate sources. As you correctly pointed out, bot are located on #artefacts (I'm using what my dictionary says is British spelling here 😃), and this has likely contributed to their extension and probably also to them not being located exactly on their IR hosts.