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ARG0000iuy - one host a disk galaxy?

  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    WizardHowl wrote, about this, in the Suggestions for RGZ Objects to show with detailed FIRST contours overlaid on SDSS images thread:

    I would like to suggest for an overlay. As noted initially by antikodon, the emission is messy but to my eye there look to be two galaxies that might be a source of some of the emission: SDSS J130300.80+511954.7 Z_ph~0.14 which is clearly a disk and SDSS J130255.82+511944.6 Z_ph~0.11-0.13 which looks like a barred galaxy.

    In either case, an overlay might help ascertain where the emission is coming from: a wat from a disk galaxy is not something I would have thought possible! (Since a fragile disk would be shredded if it were moving through an IGM capable of bending ultra-relativistic jets to that extent). Even if these are two hourglass/doublelobes, one of them has a very odd radio morphology and there seems to be a radio bridge between them.

    A FIRST contour overlay image, with lots of contours and reaching into the noise, confirms "messy", and "interesting"! 😃 But I'm not sure it helps all that much to decide whether there's one, two, or even more hosts; nor what this/those host(s) might be ...

    enter image description here

    Here's the SDSS field without the overlay:

    enter image description here

    Boilerplate: SDSS image per, FIRST (red) and NVSS (cyan) contours derived from FITS files produced using SkyView with Python code described in this RGZ Talk thread. Image center per the ARG image (left; J2000.0).