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ARG0003nb3 - possible host EOS?

  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    enter image description here

    SDSS J012853.44+025449.8 - 1237678619575058755

    enter image description here


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Dolorous_Edd's comment.

    Cool! 😃

    Without the cross-hairs, zoomed in a bit:

    enter image description here

    Some PhotoObj values:

    • deVAB_g: 0.213±0.062 (axis ratio of fitted ellipse, deVaucouleurs profile; g-band)
    • deVAB_r: 0.289±0.058
    • expAB_g: 0.237±0.060
    • expAB_r: 0.327±0.045 (axis ratio of fitted ellipse, exponential profile; r-band)
    • fracDeV_g: 1
    • fracDeV_r: 0.956 (fractional likelihood that the profile is a deVaucouleurs one, vs an exponential or PSF; r-band)

    In plain English, it's too 'elliptical' (or too far 'out of round') to be an elliptical galaxy, despite the fact that the fractional likelihood values say it's better fit with a deVaucouleurs profile than an exponential one.

    Besides, your eyeballs tell you it looks like an Eos, not a boring elliptical.

    Near-perfect zph 0.32 SDRAGN candidate! 😄


  • sisifolibre by sisifolibre

    Big guys talking about big things! 😃

    I had said that simply it is other ETG. Great work.