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ARG0000djh There are 2 radio sources? A S GALAXY & A N GALAXY & Is that a GREEN STAR S E OF THE WHITE STAR?

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    SDSS J152652.68+541712.7 1237668601534612117 SOUTH GALAXY RADIO SOURCE &

    SDSS J152645.68+541812.4 1237668601534611563 NORTH GALAXY RADIO SOURCE &

    SOUTH EAST OF SDSS J152645.68+541812.4 A GREEN STAR? SDSS J152644.00+541804.5 1237668601534611564

    enter image description here

    SOUTH SDSS J152652.68+541712.7

    enter image description here

    NORTH SDSS J152645.68+541812.4 RADIO SOURCE GALAXY & SOUTH EAST GREEN STAR SDSS J152644.00+541804.5?

    enter image description here