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Galaxy Merger?

  • Gweilouk by Gweilouk

    I wonder if what I am looking at here could be a pair of Galaxies in the process of merging. In the radio and the IR there seem to be two hosts in close proximity and when I looked at the SDSS image the best object seemed to be in this link

    Apologies I'm not sure how to post the image.



  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Gweilouk's comment.

    I think this is, radio morphology-wise, a #restarted source. In such there seem to be a pair (or more) of lobes on each side. As I understand it, this is due to there being two (or more) distinct 'outbursts'.

    Myself, I think it's somewhat unclear just what the host is; true, it could be one of the pair (either SDSS J140224.25+244224.3, to SW, or SDSS J140224.31+244226.8, to NE):

    enter image description here

    Or it could perhaps be SDSS J140225.03+244218.1:

    enter image description here

    Is there some kind of interaction between at least a pair of these three, perhaps an early-stage merger? Yes, the amount of 'yellow fluff' (my own, highly unscientific description!) around them certainly points to that. However, without a lot more information - e.g. spectroscopic redshifts, deeper optical images, etc - I think it's not clear.

    Hope this helps, and happy hunting! 😃