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ARG0001j84, possibly two separate compact lobes?

  • ChrisMolloy by ChrisMolloy

    Here's ARG0001j84, which appears to be possibly two separate #compact lobes.

    enter image description here

    The contour overlay image in this post was created from sources, and using methods, described in this RGZ Talk

    The lobe in the centre to the NNE, is centred on SDSS J074545.66+331732.6, which appears to be a very faint #QSO, with a z_sp=0.126 +/-0.00003. There is First radio flux emission from this galaxy, and it has an NVSS reference in NED.

    SDSS J074545.66+331732.6

    enter image description here

    The lobe to the SW appears to be #noir and #no-optical.

    Both emissions don't appear to have ALLWISE references, and as per the classification comments left, and whether these lobes are related, hard to say.

    As always, comments, suggestions, welcome.