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ARG00039mf, compact and doublelobe

  • ChrisMolloy by ChrisMolloy

    Here's ARG00039mf, which appears to be an extended #compact emission centre, with a #doublelobe NW.

    enter image description here

    The contour overlay image in this post was created from sources, and using methods, described in this RGZ Talk
    First in red.

    With regards to the slightly extended, #compact lobe centre, there is an NVSS reference in NED for SDSS J105130.73+074140.9. This object is listed as a star in SDSS DR14, has a SDSS DR6 z_ph=0.729 +/-0.120, and is SW of the lobe. However, at the location of the emission, there is an ALLWISE reference, ALLWISE J105131.21+074147.3.

    SDSS J105130.73+074140.9

    enter image description here

    Considering the #doublelobe to the NW, there appears to be radio references in NED for SDSS J105127.09+074303.2, which is listed as a star. No redshift is cited, and this object appears to be slightly NW of the centre of the emission.

    SDSS J105127.09+074303.2

    enter image description here

    There is an ALLWISE reference centred on the middle of the lobes, ALLWISE J105127.27+074253.8. And interestingly, there is a radio reference in SIMBAD for an object which appears to be possibly positioned at this location.

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