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ARG0001mdh, extended restarted triple

  • ChrisMolloy by ChrisMolloy

    Here's ARG0001mdh, which appears to be a very extended #triple. The contour overlay below is centred on SDSS J084759.04+314708.3, which is SSE of the ARG co-ordinates listed left.

    enter image description here

    The contour overlay image in this post was created from sources, and using methods, described in this RGZ Talk
    First in red, NVSS cyan.

    The host for the emission is SDSS J084759.04+314708.3, an #elliptical galaxy, which has a z_sp=0.067 +/-0.00001. This object has recorded First flux emission, radio references in NED and SIMBAD, and an ALLWISE reference, ALLWISE J084759.04+314708.4. Of note, this object is an #AGN, is in a #cluster environment, and some of this emission appears to be #restarted.

    SDSS J084759.04+314708.3

    enter image description here

    This ARG field has not been imaged in VLASS as yet.

    As always, comments, suggestions, welcome.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    I agree, looks like it's #restarted.

    Nice overlay image! 😃