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Complex source ARG0001899

  • PeterBB59 by PeterBB59

    The main (larger) source in the image looks like it could actually be two discreet sources. The radio contours however, are only being distinguished as a single source. The upper radio lobe looks to be associated with an entirely separate IR entity from the lower, more intense radio lobe. This could be interpreted as the upper source being further away and partially obscured by the larger, stronger lower source. A diagram prepared from this image showing this possible interpretation of the image is linked below. to Share/Radiogalaxyzoo-ARG0001899-interp_zpsd048fce4.png.html

    Another possibility is that the source isn't nearly as complex as it might seem. Second interpretation here... to Share/Radiogalaxyzoo-ARG0001899-interp2_zpsa8985b69.png.html

    Please help me understand what is going on here, as I am very new at this. Thanks.