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Two phases of activity?

  • Ptd by Ptd

    Could this be one BH with two sets of jets emitted at different times?


  • akapinska by akapinska scientist

    Ah! That is quite messy! But answer to your question is: No.

    I've been looking at the image a number of times this afternoon, and on my second thought I decided that what we see may be one radio galaxy composed of 4 components, and very strong unrelated single #compact source (the one that actually merges with faint component I now associate with the #multiple radio galaxy). For the multiple radio galaxy what we see is two lobes (the outermost) and two jet knots (the innermost around the strong IR source).

    Whatever the interpretation though, this radio galaxy does not show the restarted nature which you ask about. For this to be valid the outer components would need to be less bright that the inner ones.

    Unless you don't ask about the restarting of the radio galaxy but about the jet knots? The jets will be constantly ejected from the BH for some 100,000,000 years - and that valid for virtually any radio galaxy. The outermost components were ejected first, the innermost much later. Is that would you meant? Well, in that case the answer is yes 😃