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Starforming Spiral + Lobes?

  • sharqua by sharqua


    Starforming Spiral (somewhat edge-on, visible in the IR) with one, two... (three) lobes? Hard to tell exactly which is the true source, or if it's three separate sources, one in the nucleus, one in another galaxy behind/before the spiral, and a third off-frame.

    Redshift is 0.022.

    The third radio source at 10 o'clock on the edge of the frame isn't visible in the RGZ window.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to sharqua's comment.

    Cool! 😃

    The large spiral galaxy in the center is UGC 04412, and the central radio source seems to be associated with its nuclear region, perhaps an AGN or what's left of some old supernovae?

    The faint radio source in the upper end looks like a blue star in SDSS:

    enter image description here

    It's SDSS J082720.70+374706.7 and FIRST J082720.7+374707; perhaps it's not a star, but a distant quasar? We'd need a spectrum to tell. (It's not a supernova; it's been around for far too long ...)

    The other faint radio source - NE, near the edge - has no IR counterpart; it may be part of a #overedge #doublelobe (or #triple), as in this FIRST image:

    enter image description here