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    i couldn't decide how many jets there are. two larger ones top right and a smaller pair below and to the left or whether they are unrelated. Help! I've only just started doing this and am struggling on a few of them


  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl

    Welcome to RGZ hilscakes!

    The radio emission here is all related and originates in the large infra-red source that occupies most of the top-right quarter of the image. In this case, however, it is due to intense star formation rather than a jet: if you click the SDSS link below the image you will see that it is a nearby edge-on disk galaxy and the radio emission follows the line of the disk.

    Have fun classifying!


  • HAndernach by HAndernach scientist, translator

    WizardHowl has explained it almost better than I could... 😉