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  • Milkybear by Milkybear

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  • raynorris by raynorris scientist

    Hey - this could be interesting. Is it my imagination, or does the infrared image show a faint extended spiral going out from the central source? If so, it is one of the very rare sources (only 2 or 3 known in the local Universe) where a spiral galaxy hosts a radio-loud #hourglass source. Anybody like to see if they can find deeper IR/optical images?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to raynorris's comment.

    DR10 SDSS image of SDSS J144948.89+335126.8 (0.16"/pix; 500x500pix):

    enter image description here

    Nucleus is very bright, but only quantitative analysis of the radial profile could show if this is more like an elliptical (deVaucouleurs profile) than disk (exponential). Hints of shell(s) likely to be artifacts.