Radio Galaxy Zoo Talk


  • firejuggler by firejuggler

    This time.... well, I don't think the 2 radio source come from the same galaxy, since the pulse center is away from what would be considered as normal. so whats happening there?


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    My guess would be a beautiful double source, ID between the lobes, and a coincidence up in the north. But you'd probably need higher resolution data in the north to sort this one out. We also need to calculate how often this would occur at random.


  • akapinska by akapinska scientist

    I'd also say this is most likely one radio galaxy. I'd consider these to be outer pair or lobes (the further apart radio peaks) and inner pair or either jet knots or lobes. It is possible that this is restarted radio galaxy; however the problem with the restarting scenario would be that the inner lobes are usually brighter.