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bright headtail

  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl

    There does not appear to be an IR counterpart to the radio emission, which looks like a #headtail . If there were a galaxy somewhere in the head of the radio emission, it almost looks as if the bright IR galaxy above it is generating a wind, with the tail pointing away from it.


  • mini.mintaka by mini.mintaka scientist

    enter image description here

    I think it's a #doublelobe / #hourglass that is #overedge... see the larger FIRST cutout attached. #toomanyhashtags 😛

    merry christmas 😃


  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    Most likely redundant, but nonetheless

    What is the size of this thing?
    Souce is likely somewhere around 09 19 49.65 +13 58 56.2

    NED search result within 1 arcmin

    NVSS image

    enter image description here