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ARG0000fa1 - A triple?

  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    Separation is quite big, so this could be a triple or random arrangement

    VLA FIRST - centered at 12 34 58.47 +53 18 44.8 34 58.47 %2B53 18 44.8&Dec=&Equinox=J2000&ImageSize=10&MaxInt=10

    NVSS ( on the left ) , and WENSS: Westerbork Northern Sky Survey ( on the right ) 0.3 degree field or ~ 18 arcmin

    enter image description here
    enter image description here

    Anyway, coordinates of the suspected center ~12 34 58.47 +53 18 44.8


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    Yes, indeed, this is quite a triple. Likely one of the largest sources known. Image below shows SDSS identification, faint pair of galaxies. Photometric redshifts only, with warning about photometry. north: z=0.62; south: z=0.43. North th is SDSS 123458.46+531851.3.
    For full size image, see
    NVSS, SDSS, SDSSzoom


  • HAndernach by HAndernach scientist, translator

    yes, we had seen this one in 2012; SDSS J123458.46+531851.3, z_ph~0.62, size 11.4' or 4.3 Mpc, 3rd-largest source I know of!