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3/4 of image is IR above Radio contours

  • wpatelunas by wpatelunas

    Uncertain if I classified image correctly. What I did was outline extremely large perimeter of image with multiple IR sources. Entire area within IR outline is extremely bright for IR view. Perhaps just an artifact or misimaged ?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to wpatelunas's comment.

    There is a very bright star offstage (upper-left), causing the IR whiteout.

    Here is an SDSS DR10 image, centered on the 'classify' image (similar scale, same orientation):

    enter image description here

    My take: it's very difficult to say whether the two radio sources are doublelobe, with a core that's undetected in the SDSS image, or if it's two unrelated radio sources, one of which may be associated with a small, very faint, red extended SDSS source (a.k.a. z > ~0.4 elliptical).