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ARG0003o9v - FIRSTJ211326.5+023135 - large NAT or WAT?

  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    Flagged by jipee and antikodon

    Look at the size of this thing!

    NVSS image size 0.4 degree

    enter image description here

    Likely source is
    SDSS J211326.67+023123.3

    NED search result


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    Incredible source! It looks like one of the tails takes a sudden bend. The parent galaxy has no redshift, although bright, but it is almost certainly a member of the IC1365 group. No previous study of the radio, as best I can tell. One of WINGS groups, so lots of optical info. Worth following up. ARG0003o9v NVSS FIRST

    Here's the larger field with X-rays on the left.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to DocR's comment.

    NED says the main galaxy is 2MASX J21132669+0231233, with a measured redshift of 0.049, per this 2004 NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey paper. It also has a published redshift of 0.048 in this 2012 2MASS Redshift Survey paper, and in this 2009 WINGS paper.

    It appears to be one of the ~12.5k radio sources covered in the 2007 Jackson+ paper, "A survey of polarization in the JVAS/CLASS flat-spectrum radio source surveys - I. The data and catalogue production".