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overedge triple?

  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl

    The radio emission to the left of centre here looks like it could well be a lobe from the radio source directly above it, from its geometry. If so, do FIRST/NVSS show a corresponding lobe above? The IR source for the core of this would-be triple is a faint, blurred smudge that may mean several faint IR sources close to line of sight are blended together. If the radio emission left of centre is not associated with the radio emission above it, then it might be originating from the IR source directly above it, making it a one-lobed source (within the characteristics of FIRST to observe).


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    This is quite odd. I like your scenario above. Have to say, this is only something RGZ could find. Computer algorithms have not way of making that kind of leap. We need to take the FIRST image, convolve it down to NVSS resolution, subtract it from NVSS and see if there's some residual emission suggesting that the source on the left really is a triple, just with no fine structure in the north. Could still be a triple (missing part) without that, but then it would be something really new. I've marked it in collection "New types..." to eventually follow up.