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ARG00021lp / FIRSTJ105827.2+244931 - known radio galaxy?

  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    Flagged by antikodon

    Appears to be a large triple

    NVSS 0.4 degree

    enter image description here

    NED search result


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    Gorgeous giant, 2 Mpc across, but I can't find it in NED. I'm sure Andernach knows.


  • HAndernach by HAndernach scientist, translator

    Well, that's what I thought too... first of all the very bright source
    at the center turns out to be the hot spot of a 9.5' long narrow source in NVSS,
    and Dolorous Edd had already found the correct host, SDSS J105838.66+244535.1,
    with z_ph~0.2 in DR10, so 1.8 Mpc !! I checked the records of my summer students'
    candidates and found :

    105838.85+244528.7 * SDSS J105838.66+244535.1 no z, 10' good shape
    So, had they looked up the z_phot from SDSS (didn't teach them this
    as they only had 7 weeks to do the whole NVSS and SUMSS), they would have
    put it as a likely giant.