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Hourglass relic?

  • axrldn by axrldn

    Hi, is this an hourglass relic?


  • akapinska by akapinska scientist in response to axrldn's comment.

    A radio source can be either hourglass or a relic, not both at the same time. This source is very well defined strong double lobe radio source, so tag it as an #hourglass. True, it doesn't seem to have infrared counterpart, but this does not make it a relic, it makes it an #ifrs that is "infrared faint radio source".

    A true relic radio source will look very different in radio. It will be diffuse, or weird - not well defined - shaped and it will be fairly faint, and it won't have infrared match. But the last criterion on its own cannot be used to call a radio source a relic; it must satisfy both the radio structure and lack of IR match to be considered a relic.

    Hope that helps!