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not sure about this one

  • cktwigg by cktwigg

    this looks like the strong source in the middle (for infra red and radio )looks like it may be sucking in the source (for both again) to the upper right , maybe a black hole galaxy sucking in a nearby galaxy , but I am far from certain


  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    This is very cool! 😃

    It's a nearby elliptical - SDSS J155541.64+231002.3, z_ph ~0.34 (never thought I'd call z=0.34 'nearby'!) - possibly involved in a merger. From the radio, it might be a #relic, what's left of radio lobes after the central engine (the matter surrounding the super-massive black hole in the nucleus of the elliptical) shut down for some reason. Then there's the bright #compact source: perhaps the AGN is starting up again?

    Here it is in SDSS (zoomed in somewhat):

    enter image description here

    maybe a black hole galaxy sucking in a nearby galaxy

    It's a great pity that this sort of language is used so much in popular articles on black holes! 😦 Black holes in galaxies, even the super-massive ones in AGNs - which can easily have masses exceeding a billion times that of our own Sun - do not 'suck in' even the stars very close to them (within a light-year or so, say), much less whole galaxies that are tens or hundreds of thousands of light years distant.


  • cktwigg by cktwigg

    Ahh ok I understand now, sorry about the use and repeat of the media language , I am fairly new to this which I think shows
    but its a very interesting subject and one which I will be continuing to study

    thanks for your responses and help Jean