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Giant Twin Jet (FRI)

  • DocR by DocR scientist

    Nice catch again, @antikodon . Yes, this is part of a large NVSS structure, twin jets just fading away with distance (earning the designation FRI), instead of ending at bright spots. The SDSS ID is at the survey limit, whereas reasonably bright in WISE, so likely a quite distant source. If at z=0.5, then extent is 1.8 Mpc! As best I can tell, not seen before. Here's a picture of NVSS overlaid with FIRST and WISE, plus an insert of just FIRST and WISE.enter image description here


  • antikodon by antikodon

    😮 didn't expect that it's so large!


  • HAndernach by HAndernach scientist, translator

    in NVSS I don't see more than 3.5' size or 1.2 Mpc; untypical for a FR I in that it has an inner close double: reborn?
    Also in WENSS (2' size) and 7C at 151 MHz (source area = 1.4 * beam area, beam = 70" x 70" cscDEC,
    would be worth a deeper radio image