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radio emission from disc galaxy

  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl

    This is where it really hurts not having buttons for SDSS/NVSS or even the RA and DEC etc. (posted in Bug Reports about this already) : this looks like a disc galaxy and it has radio emission from the core. Is this emission due to star formation rather than an erupting black hole, though - as jets would be emerging more or less perpendicular to its galactic plane?


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    Yes, this is a beauty.enter image description here
    Here's the pic since you can't get SDSS right now.


  • akapinska by akapinska scientist in response to WizardHowl's comment.

    Yes, this radio emission is not from jets (although rare, spirals with radio jets do exist, keep an eye on them, e.g. Most of the time the radio emission in spirals will be coming from supernovae and the like, may be also weak AGN core sometimes.


  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl in response to akapinska's comment.

    Thanks for answering! This lovely edge-on spiral is NGC 4634, one of a pair with NGC 4633, which is a short way off the top-right, following the plane of this galaxy. NVSS shows possibly very weak diffuse emission from that galaxy as well, which is a bulgeless spiral.


  • c_cld by c_cld


    NGC 3079 Seyfert_2 ,
    X-shaped radio


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