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A dying(?) WAT

  • DocR by DocR scientist

    I have no idea how @antikodon decided to pick up on this source as something interesting, but it surely is. There are a couple of diffuse detached patches, one of them also visible in WENSS, that look to me like a WAT that is in the process of fading away. photoz is nearly useless. If z=0.25, then this source is about 3 Mpc across! If z=.5, then about 5 Mpc. Definitely worth following up on. See full picture with WENSS at image description here


  • HAndernach by HAndernach scientist, translator

    I would consider DocR's green arrows for the source continuation as
    very speculative, both in NVSS and WENSS. Also, a 1-armin size FIRST
    image centered on SDSS J165508.77+363333.3 shows it to lie ~7" E of
    the geometric center of the central double, and is NOT the bright WISE
    source E of the S inner lobe, but rather at the RA of the NE lobe and
    closer to it. The WISE object is SDSS J165508.70+363324.0, r'=16.73,
    white and compact, no photo-z. There is no SDSS object near the center
    (at 16 55 08.15 +36 33 33) of the ~25" FIRST double, nor are there SDSS
    objects that would coincide with one the lobes. However, there is WISE
    JJ165508.24+363335.0 not detected in SDSS, which is close enough to act
    as a host, so at least it may be a high-z object, but a 3-5 Mpc size really needs a
    deeper radio image.