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what object is this?

  • mrba by mrba

    what object or objects is this?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to mrba's comment.

    Wow! 😮

    On the left is a #triple: a small, fairly faint core in the center, and two jets+lobes extending almost N and S away from it. The core is a fairly bright IR source, which is at the same position (on the sky, to within a pixel or three) as SDSS J090842.76+570325.1, which, while the SDSS photometric pipeline classifies it as a star, is actually a z=1.525 quasar (according to Richards+ 2004). If the redshift is correct, this may be a #giant (I'm a bit pressed for time, otherwise I'd do the calculation to tell).

    On the right is a #tadpole, a #coretail, which is a core - position the same as a fairly bright IR source - with a #bent jet. There's a faint optical (in SDSS) source there, SDSS J090840.23+570319.1, which has a photo_z of ~0.72.


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    Fun source(s)!