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Interesting image double galaxy?!

  • Fin_tam_ by Fin_tam_

    Does Anyone have an idea of what is going on here??


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Fin tam 's comment.

    There are two, quite separate, sources.

    The one in the middle is very likely an extended blob of plasma around a z ~0.6 galaxy (or perhaps we're looking down onto a lobe), SDSS J133730.30+481743.6.

    The #doublelobe at the top is very likely a triple: faint core (centered on the AGN in the galaxy's nucleus) and twin jets ending in impressive lobes. The galaxy is SDSS J133729.21+481820.5, an elliptical with a redshift of 0.119, and a spectrum that looks very 'dead and red'.

    Here's the SDSS field, centered on the elliptical (orientation the same, scale slightly different); the other radio/IR source is the faint red dot below (S) and somewhat to the left (E):

    enter image description here