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  • Corcaroli by Corcaroli

    The larger contour image seems to have two sources, one of which also feeds the smaller contour.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Corcaroli's comment.

    This is near the heart of a very rich cluster, at z ~0.315. The 'seagull' is, I think, a very wide-angle tail, a #wat; the outer (isolated) radio sources part of the same system. The source - the AGN responsible for the radio sources - is very likely (in) SDSS J162309.28+142149.4, whose SDSS spectrum looks very 'dead and red' (i.e. no ongoing star formation).

    Here's the SDSS field, centered on SDSS J162309.28+142149.4, with a scale similar to that of the RGZ image (there are also rather a lot of foreground stars):

    enter image description here