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  • Corcaroli by Corcaroli

    Both contours share the same IR source.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Corcaroli's comment.

    Welcome to RGZ! 😃

    This is a very nice core/host and twin jets+lobes. The shared IR source is SDSS J092656.70+041613.1, a quasar (QSO) with a redshift of 1.035. That means there's an AGN at the heart of this bright, star-like IR (and optical) object, an AGN which is causing all the radio emission. According to NED, it's pretty well-known (appears in no less than 26 papers, although many are just catalogs).

    Here's what it looks like, in SDSS (scale is different from the IR image):

    enter image description here

    One curious thing (to me at least): this is a broadline AGN, so we looking down onto the accretion disk, not through any dusty torus ... yet the jets seem to be coming out sideways (well, with a slight angle, so perhaps this is a #wat?). But maybe that's just perspective ... we may, in fact, be looking at greatly foreshortened jets, and lobes (coming towards us), and that may be why the two are not too different (from a different perspective something called 'relativistic beaming' can cause one jet/lobe to be much fainter than the other).

    Perhaps a SCIENTIST could weigh in?


  • garretcotter by garretcotter

    Hi Folks

    Looks as if the left side in the radio could be boosted a bit, and certainly the core is very bright relative to the lobes compared with a source that was known to be lying right in the plane of the sky.

    One of the outstanding questions is just where the "edge" of the dusty torus cuts in. The very simplest pictures have it as a hard-edged doughnut, but there is always the possibility that some or all of these objects have a dusty torus with a "puffy" edge. So if the line of sight were around 45 degrees, the relativistic boosting of the radio jets would still be present, but not overwhelming, and you would still get a view of the quasar in the nucleus. Many more classifications needed to help work out what's really going on down there!