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It's a galaxy?

  • meztli by meztli

    In the radio vision is clearly visible the radiation but in infrared the aparent source looks so weak, it is a galaxy?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to meztli's comment.

    Welcome to RGZ, meztli!

    That faint IR source could be a galaxy. There's nothing at that location in the SDSS image. As the radio source itself is quite faint, there's a faint IR source, and no optical one (from SDSS), it's possible - even likely? - that this is a 'high-z' AGN ("z" means redshift; here in RGZ 'high-z' means >~1-1.5)*. Could it be something else? Yes! 😮 But what?? I'll leave that to a SCIENTIST to answer 😛

    Happy hunting! 😃

    *that's my guess; from reading what the SCIENTISTs here have written, and the various RGZ GZ blog posts, it seems reasonable