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Radio or IR?

  • memento20101 by memento20101

    Can someone explain why you see this object better in Radio than IR. I understand that it has to do with the lengh of waves, but if you can see it in Radio it means that the frequency is really high and so is the object's energy. Can it imply that it is a black hole? How are you guys doing it? It's really interesting to now the way you recognize black holes. (I am a beginner in the area...) Would appresiate everything. And it would be more interesting to search for new objects..


  • ivywong by ivywong scientist, admin

    check out this blog post by Stas about how black holes form jets:

    Radio wavelengths are actually at lower frequencies than IR or optical.

    The energetics are also very extreme to produce these jet so this is why even black holes from the very early Universe (we look back in time as get further away in distance..) can be seen! Check out Ray's post on Infrared Faint Radio Sources: