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odd source of asymmetric doublelobe

  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl

    This source has no counterpart in IR but SDSS shows a possible optical match as SDSS J092738.00+351126.4 so the first question is - is this a chance alignment or might this object be the source of the radio signal?

    The interactive spectrum in SDSS clearly shows a spectrum of a star, not a galaxy, and the redshifts of the lines confirms it is local to our galaxy. Given that the peak emission is off in the UV, this is clearly a very hot object. In General Spectrum Information it classes the object as STAR with subclass WD, so the next question is - is this a white dwarf?

    My experience of RGZ has yet to find a clear case of a star - of any type - being the source of any lobed emission and to find a white dwarf as the host of such a source seems, not to over-self-depricate, utterly bananas. So the chance alignment scenario would seem to be the only sane option - but could this be wrong? Even if it is a chance alignment, this could also be a very distant asymmetric source and thus interesting in a different way.


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    Good try, but you got fooled on this one! Click on NVSS, then change the field size in the url to 0.3, instead of 0.15, and you'll see that this is the western (right) half of a giant double source. (I haven't check the actual ID, or seen if there's a FIRST core, etc.)