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joining the dots

  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl

    Seems like there are a few ways of interpreting this but here's my guess: #triple (with left lobe being the middle of the three going down in a line and the other two to the upper-right) and either two compact sources or two parts of a second triple that has a third lobe too diffuse for FIRST, In this interpretation the triple probably has host SDSS J003448.27+090419.0 Z_sp=0.695 but there are several optical matches in very close proximity. The very lowest radio source has faint optical match SDSS J003448.84+090356.6 with very little information. Not to exclude other interpretations, the upper-right radio source has potential optical/IR match SDSS J003447.54+090427.2 Z_ph~0.33-0.38, however the symmetry of the upper-right source with the middle of the three going down in a line is what suggests this to me as a triple. I suspect this is one of those regions that can only be disentangled with further observations at multiple wavelengths, however...