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extended diffuse emission from a spiral?

  • WizardHowl by WizardHowl

    This was flagged up by GeXeS as interesting - a pair of spiral galaxies both with compact emission in their cores. NVSS shows what may be an extended region of emission in a SW direction, resembling a short nat. It is faint but looks convincing and worthy of reporting.

    The two galaxies have a similar photometric redshift (~0.08) but only one (SDSS J142416.99+312454.2) has a spectroscopic redshift, which places it at z=0.041. The SDSS DR10 interactive spectrum tool classes it as starforming. The other (SDSS J142414.93+312444.0) appears very slightly larger but there is no sign (to my inexperienced eyes), other than them both having radio emission from their core, that they are interacting.

    This part of the sky is also covered by WENSS and GB6, of which the latter seems to show some emission, perhaps more associated with SDSS J142414.93+312444.0 but it really needs to be overlaid on top of the other sources to be sure of its origin. I lack the experience of using these surveys to be able to interpret what they show here.

    What do other zooites and SCIENTISTS make of this?