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3 Jets ?

  • akil_hashim by akil_hashim

    Could it be 3 Jets from 1 ir source?


  • akapinska by akapinska scientist

    No, you can't have 3 jets, unless one is a relic one

    Looking at the SDSS though (check out link under the images) I would say that the 3rd radio source that you called jet is in fact radio core, i.e. this is the place where the two jets are ejected from, and also this is the place where the host galaxy (and so the black hole responsible for all this) is

    The infrared images witth WISE we have here have much lower resolution than the optical SDSS and so on the red/white image beside you sadly cannot really distinguish between the host (linked above, the faint below the bright source in the middle-ish) and the bright source in the middle-ish. Well, a tricky one to classify in RGZ indeed!

    By the way, the radio source is bent, we would call it narrow angle tail radio galaxy ( #nat ) - @HAndernach, @DocR please correct me here!