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radio Countour and pair jets

  • oday by oday


    in the picture the question is to click on any radio contour pair of jets
    if i move the slider position to ir i can see clearly the contour,
    but how can we identify a pair of jets ? or a pair of jets is the jets who are too close ?
    then how we can associate the infrared source ?

    Thank you in advance


  • ivywong by ivywong scientist, admin

    Hi @oday, Welcome to RGZ. From this particular example, it's likely that this is a #doublelobe source emanating from the galaxy (seen in IR) in between them so to pick the jets, I'd click onto both components of contours, then click continue to move on to selecting the host galaxy. When asked to pick the host galaxy, just click on the position of the galaxy and you'll see a circle appear on the galaxy that you picked. If there are no visible sources, you can pick the "no IR" option. At the end, it'd ask if there is another set of radio sources within the field, if none, you can click finish.

    Does this help?