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So ummm...

  • fengist by fengist

    Is this ejecta I'm looking at and is it one of your noob traps, I mean... gold standard... objects.


  • fengist by fengist

    Ok, I'll assume this project is now dead and no point in me working on it...


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to fengist's comment.

    Sorry no one has replied earlier, fengist, and welcome to Radio Galaxy Zoo! 😃

    That is a classic #triple, which is a host (the thing in the center) plus two lobes. It's not a 'noob trap'. The host is a giant elliptical galaxy with an active galactic nucleus (AGN); spectroscopically, it's a quasar. It has a redshift of 0.249, and its name is SDSS J092308.17+561455.4:

    enter image description here

    How did I work all this out? By clicking on the SDSS link below the image, and then finding the object which is located ~the same place as the bright IR (WISE) source, the central radio source.

    Hope this helps.


  • DZM by DZM Zooniverse Team in response to fengist's comment.

    Hey @fengist -- sorry it took a little bit to get an answer! The project is not dead, and there are many dedicated Zooites here, including Jean, whose answer I hope is helpful to you;

    I saw your comment earlier, but I try to leave the science questions to the people who really know their science... which is less my forte, especially on the astronomy projects. 😃

    Hope you stick around, and if you don't get a response to a question after a few days, please just bump it. Someone will see!


  • ivywong by ivywong scientist, admin

    Hi @fengist,

    Apologies. Yes, this project is not dead and very much alive but I was travelling in the last 2 weeks and so was not as present. March has been a very part of the year for many on the science team.

    Thanks @DZM and @JeanTate for pitching in!

    By the way, I cannot tell you off the top of my head if this is a gold standard subject or not but it certainly is a beautiful double-lobed source!