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Infrared intensity

  • bobk47 by bobk47

    How intense does the iR have to be for marking?
    Is it just white or can orange/red be ok?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to bobk47's comment.

    Welcome to RGZ, bobk47!

    In general, I mark any IR source that seems to be 'brighter' than the 'red' background. Sometimes these very faint IR sources may turn out to be just 'noise', but I think it's better to err on this side than to not mark what could turn out to be a genuine IR source.

    Hope this helps, and happy hunting! 😃


  • 42jkb by 42jkb scientist, admin in response to bobk47's comment.

    Hi bobk47, thanks for the question as this is a hard one to answer. As JeanTate said, anything brighter than the background red should be marked. So the infrared host galaxy can be white, orange, red.