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  • MattY421 by MattY421

    Hi all, today is my first day on this site, I'm looking at the attached image (FIRSTJ010938.8+065354) and had difficulty categorising/classifying the IR/Radio differences. The largest image in the middle, I identified potentially as having three, very feint IR sources, top most largest area to have an extremely feint IR source top centre and the right hand lowest large area to have no IR source at all.

    To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly or not, would anyone be able to confirm that they agree with me or not?

    Thanks in anticipation for your feedback,


  • csunjoto by csunjoto

    Hi matt this is WAT (Wide Angle Tail), like antikodon said. For more detailed explanation and more clear example see this blog post by scientist team

    If you want to see different kind of Radio Galaxy that we usually meet here (there's double, triple, WAT,NAT, hourglass & so on), search the discussion thread about Suggested Hashtag

    Anw, welcome to RGZ 😃