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ARG00016b1: host? radio morphology?

  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    ARG00016b1: I think the host may be zph 0.509 ± 0.033 SDSS J160727.74+394305.4. Whic may be an Eos.

    If so, what is the radio morphology?

    If not, what is the host (and radio morphology)?

    enter image description here


  • ivywong by ivywong scientist, admin

    hi jean, what do you mean by Eos? my suspicion is that this subject contains a pair of hourglass object....


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to ivywong's comment.

    Thanks Ivy.

    Neither radio source seems to me to be at all like an hourglass; individually they're more like corejets. If they are separate sources, then by a cosmic coincidence, neither has an IR or SDSS host (so it seems to me).

    "Eos": edge-on spiral (actually Eod would be more accurate - disk, rather than spiral - but that's very boring)

    Happy New Year! 😃


  • ivywong by ivywong scientist, admin

    Thanks @JeanTate for your clarification. Happy New Year to you too! 😃