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ARG0000bf5 - wierd blue host

  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    Host of this RG is wierd ..

    It faint, but you can tell that it looks blue .. not something you would expect even from high z ETG


    enter image description here

    SDSS J120406.72+553114.5 - 1237658802573869323


  • 42jkb by 42jkb scientist, admin in response to Dolorous_Edd's comment.

    yes I agree that there is something weird here. You must have great eyesight because I can barely see the galaxy in the SDSS image. If this is indeed a high redshift AGN, then you would expect the host to be a red dead elliptical. As far as I can tell, that galaxy is not red!