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Strong Radio


    There seems to be some strong radio sources but very little if anything at all showing up in the infrared.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to WAZZY's comment.


    This is, I think, a #bent #triple, with the host being a particularly strong radio source, and the two lobes of different intensities. That the IR source - the host - is so weak suggests that this is a very long way away. If it were a bit further, or the IR too weak to be detected, it'd be an #ifrs (I've forgotten what that stands for, sorry).

    Hope this helps, and happy hunting! 😃


  • 42jkb by 42jkb scientist, admin in response to JeanTate's comment.

    At first look I would have marked this one as two separate sources. The #double and then a single compact source.

    As you can see, some can be complicated to classify.

    #ifrs = infrared faint radio source