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ARG0001ips - host(s)?

  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    Also, how would you describe the radio morphology?

    One host may the UV source GALEXMSC J083656.42+333237.4, which is just 0.022' from zph ??? SDSS J083656.34+333236.5:

    enter image description here

    Not sure how reliable this is, but fracDeV _g is 0.12, and _r 0, so maybe an #SDRAGN candidate?

    Contour overlay sure would be nice, wouldn't you say? 😃


  • ivywong by ivywong scientist, admin

    I think that the northernmost radio component is a compact source that is unrelated to the one in the middle of the subject. An overlay would certainly help as I am not entirely convinced about the host that you picked above... 😉


  • ChrisMolloy by ChrisMolloy

    Here's the contour overlay.

    enter image description here

    The contour overlay image in this post was created from sources, and using methods, described in this RGZ Talk

    SDSS J083658.17+333240.6 which is slightly E or NE of the centre of the emission, has an NED reference of #asymmetric #double, and a number of radio catalogue references. SIMBAD has the radio reference, NVSS J083657+333245, which seems to align more to the centre of the lobes, W of SDSS J083658.17+333240.6.

    SDSS J083658.17+333240.6

    enter image description here

    The closest radio source for the lobe to the N is SDSS J083654.71+333322.4, which has a First reference in NED. The SIMBAD reference, FIRST J083655.3+333332, aligns more with the lobe in the above contour overlay image.

    SDSS J083654.71+333322.4

    enter image description here

    Both the above objects are listed as stars in SDSS.

    And SDSS J083656.34+333236.5, below, does have a 6C radio reference in NED.

    enter image description here


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to ivywong's comment.

    Thanks to @ChrisMolloy's overlay, I'd say it's not at obvious that there's an optical host (or hosts) for any of the radio emission.

    The glare from the star is likely too much for a contour overlay on a WISE canvass to show anything, sadly. 😦