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  • Subject ARG0001dy7

    SDSS J121818.62+354823.5 radio source

  • Subject ARG0001v6q

    SDSS J140925.78+273854.0 radio source

  • Subject ARG0001o1m

    z 1.014 QSO SDSS J155049.79+310129.2 & LINE OF SIGHT z 0..505 SDSS J155049.70+310129.5 & W SDSS J155049.96+310137.8 the radio sources?

  • Subject ARG00009sg

    W SDSS J094520.02+563311.3 E SDSS J094517.86+563318.6 galaxy radio sources?

  • Subject ARG0001so1

    z 2.069 QSO SDSS J123143.57+284749.7 & z 0.361 W SDSS J123143.97+284749.0 & z 0.236
    SDSS J123143.14+284750.2 the radio sources?

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