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Subject comments (2005)

  • Subject ARG00023pz


  • Subject ARG00020bq

    #triple lobes possibly angled towards/away from us? very clear AGN spectrum SDSS J103435.81+251817.9 Z_sp=0.395

  • Subject ARG0003by5

    I think this may be a #triple seen almost face-on to one of the lobes, host SDSS J142040.86+065059.4 Z_sp=0.238

  • Subject ARG00022xi

    possible #giant #overedge #doublelobe with other lobe about 3' SE, host maybe SDSS J114822.93+241612.6 which NED suggests has Z_ph~2.315

  • Subject ARG0003rrg

    the stronger radio source here has no IR match and may also be slightly extended to its 11 o'clock, though no contours are generated there

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