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CGCG 252-023

  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    I was checking NVSS image of one the RGZ image and spotted this critter ( lurking in the FOV )

    Looks like a triple with center at 17 10 57.60 +46 24 13.8 sadly outside SDSS footprint

    " That has to be a known source " , I have thought

    NVSS 0.3 degree

    enter image description here
    enter image description here

    But NED search result has puzzled me

    According to SIMBAD this is MCG+08-31-027 -- Radio Galaxy

    SIMBAD didn't make it anymore clear , perhaps Vizier has answer?

    Perhaps, I am being dumb and searching in the wrong direction?

    Is it technically possible to me to delete a thread created by me?


  • DocR by DocR scientist

    1. The software guys could delete a thread in emergency, but you can't. Whatever you're worried about, let it go. 😃
    2. the CGCG reference above is correct, I think you must have mistyped into SIMBAD, or they could have an error, but the MCG reference isn't correct.
    3. The source is a known Bologna source (as per NED), with a number of references.
    4. The patches marked diffuse in the image to right above are artifacts, ghost images of the central source.